Benefit from over 10 years of innovation.

Founded in 1999, Canrich is a company established to serve the needs of the individual investor. Over the last decade we have witnessed dramatic bull and bear markets consequently forcing many investors to deal with an investment rollercoaster ride. Over this time, as a leading company dedicated to developing robust investment strategies, we have used innovation to allow our customers to succeed. Our simple to use investment strategies paired with our dedicated training and support continues to empower our customers to take advantage of market opportunities while effectively managing the uncertainty of the markets. 


With thousands of users across North America having utilized our time-tested wealth building strategies we carry on our mission of empowering individuals to achieve their own financial goals. We invite you to contact us to learn more about how we may help you elevate your financial future.




Innovation is the foundation upon which we build successful investment strategies. Through forward thinking, research and development we continuously explore new ideas that can improve every aspect of what we do.
Without dedication and a commitment to excellence great ideas are not enough. Through hard work and a determination to see our customers succeed, we believe we offer the most complete, end-to-end investment system solution available.
A knowledgeable and friendly customer support team is the hallmark of a great company. Our support team takes pride in listening to our customers and ensuring each individual is well looked after and continues to prosper.


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